Wine Chips 3oz - Set Gris

Wine Chips
Wine Chips 3oz - Set Gris

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When we created our Sel Gris Wine Chip, it was crafted to elevate the Champagne experience and complement festive, sparkling wines with unparalleled finesse. Champagne, the pinnacle of elegance in the family of wines, deserved a specific Wine Chip that would enhance its celebrated history and character. To accomplish this, we sourced a grey sea salt from the coastal shores of France that infuses each Wine Chip with a delicate brininess that harmonizes exquisitely with the lively bubbles and crispness of Champagne. Drawing inspiration from the birthplace of Champagne, we carefully balanced the taste profile of Sel Gris with a subtle hint of zesty lemon and a touch of sugar, paying tribute to the radiant spirit of France.

3 oz