Wine Chips 3oz - Billionaire's Bacon

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Wine Chips 3oz - Billionaire's Bacon

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Introducing Wine Chips' most talked about charcuterie flavor, Billionaire's Bacon – a masterpiece that pays homage to the delectable Millionaires Bacon served in high-end restaurants across our country. Each lattice-cut Wine Chip embodies a perfect blend of crispiness, tanginess, sweetness, and savory goodness, delivering a truly gourmet wine snacking experience. Inspired by the mouthwatering allure of crispy, maple-glazed bacon, this hand-crafted delight surprises the senses with its uncanny resemblance to the iconic dish, while remaining completely vegetarian-friendly. Enjoy in the irresistible taste of Billionaire's Bacon Wine Chips as you savor the exquisite pairing possibilities it offers.