Mason's Planets Sidewalk Chalk
Mason's Planets Sidewalk Chalk
Mason's Planets Sidewalk Chalk

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Mason's Planets Sidewalk Chalk

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What could be better for drawing and learning than a full nine-piece solar system!

Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Neptune and Pluto have two layers of color - an outer core and an inner core.  Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus have three layers - an inner core, outer core and crust.

  • Each order includes: A full solar system of nine planets - even Pluto!
  • Dimensions: Large planets are 2.5 inches in diameter & small planets are 1.5 inches in diameter
  • All paint and coloring in TWEE products are non-toxic and the glitter is biodegradable and eco-friendly!
  • All TWEE products are perfectly designed for little hands, helping to increase grip strength and fine motor skills

 Made in the USA