Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Little Gypsy Farms
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Bringing you a trusted bottle of our family owned and estate grown EVOO in a process typically seen only from wineries, we control the growing, harvest, cold pressing and bottling – achieving a craft quality you can taste.

375ml Glass Bottle.

Health Benefits & Attributes

  • 5x More Polyphenol Antioxidant Levelsvs EVOO Brands Available In The US Market (independent lab tests show an abundant 545+ mg/kg vs 55-90mg/kg for grocery store brands)
  • 2020 Gold Medal Winner NYIOOC – Largest & Most Prestigious International Olive Oil Quality Competition Winner
  • Exceptional Nutrition: High Amino Acid, Hydroxtyrosol & Polyphenol Content (Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids combined with Oleic acids make up 73% of the total oil)
  • Healthiest Koroneiki Olive Variety – 18 lbs Of Olives Are Cold-Pressed To Create Just One Bottle Of Our Heirloom EVOO (highest quality / lowest yielding)
  • Heirloom Olive Grove With Trees Aged 100+ Years (Non-GMO)
  • Monovarietal / Non-GMO (one type of olive used - never blended)
  • Single Traceable Origin – Southern Peloponnese Region (product of Greece)
  • Harvest Date – Annual Harvest Occurred 11.20 - Slightly Premature Olives Harvested To Capture Peak Health Properties (harvest date - not ​best by​ date is the key indicator of transparency and quality, best by 12.22 )
  • 100% Extra Virgin Guarantee – Hand Picked From Tree Branch To Pressing At The Local Mill Within Twenty-Four Hours
  • Small Farm & Locally Supportive – Private Family Owned & Operated Estate for Generations
  • Clean Food – No Preservatives, No Pesticides, No Insecticides, No Herbicides, No Additives, No Fertilizers, No Hidden Ingredients
  • Small-Batch Premium Quality EVOO – Very Low Acidity FFA<.2
  • Preservative-Free & Unfiltered First Cold Pressed (raw / vegan certified & keto / Mediterranean diet)
  • Delicate Flavor With A Full Nutty Artichoke Finish – Fresh Earthy Aroma & Intense Green Color