Hector the Rat "Totor"
Hector the Rat "Totor"
Hector the Rat "Totor"
Hector the Rat "Totor"

Hector the Rat "Totor"

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Hector is the perfect companion. 

He was born on the rue Faubourg-Saint-Denis in Paris. He had to learn to take care of himself from a very early age, because his mother went out one day and never came back. 

Hector, also known as Totor by his friends, is a very kind and very affectionate rat. He always tries to show off and complains a lot. He is talkative, likes to debate, and to tell funny stories. He enjoys whistling and be a typical Parisian. He smokes twigs without ever coughing. He always protects his friends from the grown-ups who bother them. One day, while he was fighting with a bully to defend his friend, he lost an ear. His friends all joined together to buy him a new one. That’s why he has a glow-in-the-dark ear.

Big Size, Comes with Mariner Shirt.



Height: Large 48 cm.

Hector is entirely made in France.

His jersey velvet fabric is very soft. It is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It is knitted in France and certified OEKO TEX 100. Thus, Scott can be sucked and cuddled without any danger for the little ones.

The face and paws are hand embroidered. The embroidery threads are 100% cotton. They are spun in France and also certified OEKO-TEX 100.

The padding is in polyester.