Dish Kit Boxed Set
Dish Kit Boxed Set
Dish Kit Boxed Set

Andrée Jardin
Dish Kit Boxed Set

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Includes one handled dish brush, one copper scrubber, one pebble sponge and one linen/cotton dish towel.

This wonderful, traditional dishwashing gift set includes everything you need to clean your dinnerware to perfection. This set will bring an element of French living to your home.

The 4-piece dishwashing set for the kitchen contains everything you need for sustainable cleaning. The reusable items in the set would make a wonderful gift for those who run a sustainable household.

The set includes :
a dishwashing brush
a copper scouring ball
a dishwashing pebble sponge
a kitchen towel

The set comes in a beautiful wooden box and is a high-quality gift.

- Dish brush made of beech wood and tampico plant fibres.
- Kitchen towel 20% Linen / 80% Cotton
- Synthetic pebble sponge
- Copper ball
- Made in France