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Action Movie Trivia

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Strap yourself in for heart thumping high octane action movie trivia with this Games Room Action Movie Trivia! Who will be the resourceful hero and who'll be the superfluous henchman? Test your knowledge on action films from Die Hard to Taken and see who is the ultimate action film fanatic! Packaged in a geometric print box, the set contains 140 question cards and instructions.

  • TRIVIA GAME – Strap yourself in for heart-thumping, high-octane action movie trivia with the Action Film Trivia from Games Room! Who will be the resourceful hero and who will be the superfluous henchman?
  • FUN FOR THE FAMILY – Gather your friends and family, young and old alike, and get the party started. Ideal for 2+ players, this movie trivia game is excellent for social gatherings, parties and family nights. It’s also an inspired conversation starter!
  • EASY TO PLAY – This family trivia game is easy to play and tons of fun for everyone. From questions on action films from Die Hard to Taken, see who the ultimate action film fanatic is!
  • INCLUDES – With 140 unique question cards, you have everything you need to get this trivia card game started. Plus, the sturdy storage box makes it easy to bring on the go!