Wine Chips 1oz - Smoked Gouda

Wine Chips
Wine Chips 1oz - Smoked Gouda

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Introducing Wine Chips "Smoked Gouda," the inaugural gem of our Estate Cheese Collection and a resounding success among wine enthusiasts and food aficionados alike. Immerse your senses in the unmistakable aroma of aged Gouda, skillfully infused with the essence of smokiness that complements the richness of our artisanal Wine Chips.

Each bite takes you on a journey through the bucolic dairy farms of Europe, where the finest Gouda wheels mature to perfection, creating an unparalleled harmony of flavors that dance on the palate.

We have sourced premium Gouda cheese, renowned for its velvety texture and nutty undertones, and then enhanced its character by introducing the delicate touch of mesquite smoke.