Full Moon Konjac Sponge
Full Moon Konjac Sponge

Full Moon Konjac Sponge

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Kiss Kiss Goodnight's konjac sponge is ideal for very delicate skin, from premature and newborn babies, to toddlers and children, and even momma’s face. Natural Konjac plant fiber has been combined with spring water to create a sponge that perfectly complements Kiss Kiss Goodnight's Melting Balm Cleanser. The kindest, purest organic konjac fiber gently cleanses the tiniest people and most sensitive skin. Purest plant power at its finest. Perfect for Baby's First Bath!


Before use, be sure to rinse and hydrate your konjac sponge in warm water. Squeeze out any excess water. Apply the melting balm cleansers to dry or wet skin, then use the sponge to help massage and wash away the cleanser. Alternatively, you can apply the melting balm cleanser directly to the hydrated sponge; the cleanser will transform into a milky texture. Massage the milk-soaked sponge around wet or dry skin.

Tip for Baby: You can use this sponge to give baby a sponge bath on their changing table (no tub necessary).


Mother Nature birthed these ingredients. We combined them to bring you a product safe + gentle enough to use from day one. 100% vegetable fiber.