Eat Clean, Play Dirty

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Eat Clean, Play Dirty

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Eat Clean, Play Dirty is inspired by Sakara founders Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle’s own personal journeys from stressed-out, deprived, and imbalanced to vibrant, nourished, and thriving—all through the power of food as medicine.

Explore the science behind topics like the microbiome and gut health, the truth about plant protein, and how to get that coveted Sakara glow. 

Create 100 whole-food, plant-rich Sakara recipes at home using the healthiest, most hydrating and nourishing ingredients possible. Includes a range of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, plus cocktails and desserts...Embrace the Sakara Life!

Dimensions: 10.25" L x 8.45" W x 1.1" D

Hardcover : 224 Pages