Ayurveda Massage Dual Dry Brush
Ayurveda Massage Dual Dry Brush

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Ayurveda Massage Dual Dry Brush

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Use the Dual Massage brush as an ayurvedic dry skin brush, shower scrubber, or massage brush. Here are some versatile options for use:

Shower Exfoliation: Remove dead skin layers creating a more rejuvenated appearance and glow. 

Dry Skin Brush:  Remove toxins from the lymph & improve circulation. Balance Vata dosha.

Detox: Free the lymph from toxins to help maintain a stronger immune system.

Muscle Massage: Relax tense muscles and reduce muscular stress.

Cellulite: This is the best brush for treating cellulite. If you have pockets where the skin is less firm that you’d like, use the massage side to stimulate circulation and break up deposits of unwanted cellulite. For best results, rub the massage side of the brush in the desired area twice daily. If you feel pain then stop. Only use as frequently as feels good on your skin. You can also use this brush in the shower as a cellulite massage, it does not have to be done dry. This is good for all skin types.

Use & Care


Prep Your Bathroom

Dry brush upon awakening in the morning before showering. Dry brush in the shower, or on a towel, in the bathroom to collect dry skin.

General Rules of Thumb

Apply medium pressure so that you can feel the movement, but not scratch the skin.

You always dry brush towards your heart to help get the lymph moving upward. Once you get above the heart, on the neck, move strokes in a downward motion towards the heart.

Feet and Legs

Begin at the feet with long sweeping motions moving towards the heart. Move along each limb on its own, repeating strokes 2-3 times on both the front and the back of the legs.

Use shorter motions when working around joints like knees and elbows


Use light circular, clockwise motions. Repeat 3-4 times at a slow-to-moderate pace.


Starting with the hands make your way upward toward the shoulders. Repeat strokes 2-3 times on both the front and the backs of the arms.

Neck and Heart

Start at the jaw line and very lightly move toward the chest. Repeat strokes 2-3 times on each side. Complete by drawing light circles around the heart.

Shower and Hydrate

Always take a shower post dry brushing to remove dead skin. Hydrate with body oil to ensure your body is moisturized to replenish the new layer on the surface of the skin.

Care: Be sure to change your dry brush every 4-5 months. Hang dry with organic cotton strap.