Aromatherapy Lavender Eye Pillow - Grey
Aromatherapy Lavender Eye Pillow - Grey

Made By Yoke
Aromatherapy Lavender Eye Pillow - Grey

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Find your center and quiet your mind with our lavender aromatherapy eye pillow. Filled with freshly harvested lavender buds and natural flax seeds, this deeply relaxing blend can help sink into meditation, ease head tension and softly contour the face to block out harsh sunlight.


Filling - Lavender buds, flax seeds

Outer - Organ cotton, linen


  • Calming, soothing and nurturing
  • Helps treat anxiety and insomnia
  • Helps treat headache pain
  • Calms inflamed skin
  • Balances Vata dosha
  • Balances and cools Pitta dosha
  • Flax seeds help keep the lavender fresh and add a sensation that relaxes the face and the mind

Use & Care

Use hot or room temperature. Gently place over eyes before meditation, shavasana or sleep to calm and relax the mind.

Microwave Heating: You can microwave this eye pillow for 2-3 seconds, depending on your microwave wattage. Make sure to monitor and not let the pillow get too hot. Test on your hand before applying it to face. Heating supports stress reduction and insomnia.*

This lavender pillow lasts 4-5 months, depending on frequency of use. 

Do not wash. Spot treat if needed with toxic-free laundry cleaner.