The Olive Oil
The Olive Oil

Pineapple Collaborative
The Olive Oil

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Pineapple Collaborative's one true olive <3 Crafted in collaboration with Kathryn Tomajan using a blend of organic Koroneiki grown by the Ricchiuti family at ENZO Olive Oil Company and Picual olives grown by Rio Bravo Farm.

Fun fact: Pineapple Collaborative's tins have 33.33% more oil than other brands on the market! We're all about volume & value.

Delivered in a 500ml (16.9 oz) tin. While olives might love the sun, olive oil isn't such a fan. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight, and use within 1 year of opening. 

Enjoy The Olive Oil with little gem salads, quick pasta dinners, any and all roasted veg, fruity baked goods, focaccia and more.

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